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Why am I not prompted to review variations from move 1?

Currently the default setting for almost all courses on Chessable is to study only the 'key moves' of the variations you study. With this setting you will only learn the last (key) moves of every variation, not all of them. This setting is there so that users don't have to play the same first 5-8 moves over and over again when learning a new variation. It saves time, but it also means that MoveTrainer® will only prompt you to review these moves and not the moves leading up to the key move. When preparing a review session MoveTrainer® simply looks at what moves you have learned from a variation and then prompts you to review these moves and only these moves. It does not matter if you have learned the same moves in a different variation. In the case of the variation in the picture for example, MoveTrainer® sees that this user has only studied the moves 3-6 so it only prompts the user to review these 4 and gives the option of learning the other 2 that have not been learned yet.

To achieve the behavior you want you will have to learn all moves in every variation. This can be done by setting the course option 'Study' to 'All moves' BEFORE starting to learn a course.
Many users however only realize that they prefer to review their moves from move 1 when they have already learned a good portion of a course. For them we recommend to set 'Reps' to '1' and quickly 'learn' all the remaining moves for every variation of which they have already learned the key moves. In order to do this you will have to click the 'Learn moves (x)' button for every variation you have already learned.

Unfortunately this is a bit tedious because you'll have to play the same moves again and again and you will also have to click the 'Learn moves' button for every single variation, but after this your problem will be solved completely and MoveTrainer® will show the behavior you aim for.
After you have learned all the remaining moves from the variations you studied, you can also set 'Reps' back to '3' or whatever suits your needs best.