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What is support level?

The support level is set by the author on publishing, informing you how much support the author aims to provide for students of their course. In certain cases, Chessable reserves the right to change this as appropriate, if we notice that the author has not been fulfilling their promise. The author may also change this if their circumstances change, without notice.

Support levels let you know how much the authors update the course and how often they answer questions their students may have.

The default support level is None or Unspecified, therefore, you should see active authors as added value and be thankful for their extra support when provided, and it is by no means a guaranteed service, although most authors try hard to live up to it.

Unspecified: The author has not committed any support, possibly because they are not sure how much they can provide. Look out in the comments and positions to see if the author is active for an indication of their support level.

Community: The author is unable to provide ongoing updates and support with this course, purchase is for the content and support will be available from the Chessable community and support team on a reasonable basis.

Low: The author checks in every now and then and attempts to address any critical issues.

Medium: The author checks in regularly and sometimes answers student questions. Updates the course if needed.

High: The author checks in regularly and often answers student questions. Updates the course if needed.