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What happens to my Chessable courses if the company ever ceases to exist?

Great question and a valid concern! Chessable is a well-funded company backed by several investors. We do not foresee us simply ceasing to exist in the foreseeable future. We have gone from strength to strength, re-investing heavily into R&D, building the platform and carefully ensuring that Chessable is here to stay.

However, let's say worst comes to worst, and it somehow happens. Chessable was built in a way that it should be resilient to worst case scenarios. Our highest costs are R&D, the development of new features, the fixing of critical bugs, the procurement of new courses. What this means is that, if worst came to pass, Chessable should easily be able to exist "as-is" as a site, or an app, that gives you access to the content you have purchased even if the company cannot operate as we all want it to.

Web hosting is cheap these days, and many committed Chessable developers could keep the site running for a long time to come with a part-time effort, without incurring large expenses. Moreover, the offline feature is now available on the apps that allow you to download and access your content offline.

Please bear in mind that of course, as with anything you purchase online, there is an inherent risk that cannot be entirely removed. There are several high profile platforms that have given digital content a bad name. We don't plan to be like them. Our reputation shows that we are in a different class to those companies, we really care. However, there could be unforeseeable events that mean for a very extreme and rare reason we all could lose access. Our terms of purchase outline the exact terms of our sale, and while we will do our best to over-deliver and keep our promises, nothing is certain in life. Even if you bought a paper book, you could spill your tea on it and have to throw it out.

Having said all that, we are here to stay, and please rest assured, we got big plans coming to keep making learning chess as easy and efficient as can be.