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What are rubies for?

There are a number of useful things you can do with the rubies you earn by maintaining your streak and studying every day.

You can donate rubies to reward people who make useful comments, or to course you like.

In the ruby store you can :

1. Buy Freeze: Streak Protect, that will make sure that you don't lose your streak when you forget to study for a day. Make sure to get another one after it was used!

2. Double or Nothing,  wager 7 rubies on maintaining your streak for 7 days. With this, you can spend 7 rubies to earn 14, as long as you manage to keep your streak.

3. Fast Forward Time to make are variations in a chapter or course reviewable immediately. This is useful for tournament preparation.

4. Magic Streak Restore, this allows you to restore your highest streak, keep in mind that the cost will depend on your streak.

5. Username Change Token, change your username or buy tokens to change it.

6. Plus One: Free course slot, increase the amount of free courses you can get. Spend 100 rubies to receive an additional slot!