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I constantly have too many moves to review. Can I adjust this?

If you find the amount of moves you have to review overwhelming, we recommend that you continue to do your reviews but don't learn anything new until you reach a point where the number of reviews allows learning something new. Since the intervals between reviews will increase more and more - as long as you play the right moves - this should work just fine.

However, the issue is often that you have to overstudy all moves in a variation just to review one move that is due. This is why some users set their course options to Review: Randomized. While it is true that you won't have any context for the moves that you are prompted to play, this will probably deepen your understanding of the positions. But most of all it will save a lot of time because with this setting, there is no overstudy at all. If you still learn 'All Moves', you will get to play the opening moves very often and will hopefully have no issues recalling them.

Another way of tackling the problem is to set a custom review schedule where you space your reviews out a little more, like in the picture above.

The only other 'solution' that we can offer is not to feel compelled to do all reviews once they are due. While this is probably not the solution you were looking for, it might be the practical thing to do. According to the science behind spaced repetition, the moves that you learn become due to review because we are about to forget them and there is nothing we can do about that.