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How does the special discount given for owning a previous course work?

The special discount for owning a previous course, is a rare discount that may become available if we release an extensive, large update, that makes a new course substantially different from an old course it was based on. When such a special discount is issued it will be available for a prolonged period of time (say, three months). You can find what these courses are by staying tuned to our e-mail marketing list and or by checking the "On Offer" tab regularly, where these courses will show up if the discount is applicable to you.

How does it work exactly?
Say in 2017 you bought Mastering Chess Middlegames. It was a great course, but the platform has evolved a lot in three years (now it's 2020), and after 6 months of extensive work we released a revamped edition. The revamped edition has had a lot of work put into it and it is vastly better and different. To be able to undertake such a project, we have to re-release the course as a completely new course.

However, we wanted to be as fair as possible to everyone who owned the previous version, so we extend a special discount. If you owned the previous course, you can get large discounts, like 30% or 50% on these courses for an extended period of time.

You simply find the new course, add it to your cart and our system will know you are getting a special "Previous Edition Discount" and reduce the price for you. This will only apply if you owned the previous edition this was based on.

What about free updates forever?
We are keeping to this promise, but we have to distinguish between an update and a full overhaul. A full overhaul takes substantially more resources and often has a lot of new material, deserving of a new course. You are of course welcome to continue studying the old course, or try the new course and apply for our 30 day money back guarantee.

Can I gift my special discount?
No, if you try to gift, the full price (or other promotional price) will be used. This particular special discount is personal and non transferable.

Can I get further discounts on my special discount? Eg. PRO discount?
No, this discount does not stack and it is usually much better than any other discount you can find on our platform.

If I did not own video previously, will I get discount on the new course's video?
No. If you owned the previous MoveTrainer® course, you get a course discount. You had to own the old video, to get discount on the new video.