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How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

We offer our 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked on the following Chessable purchases:

  1. Courses and videos

  2. Purchase of yearly and biyearly PRO subscriptions (not including renewals)

For monthly subscriptions (not including renewal), a full refund will be provided if informed within 14 days of the date of purchase.

For renewals of recurring monthly and yearly subscriptions, we offer a full refund if informed within 7 days of the renewal.

We are not happy if you are not happy, so simply send us an e-mail to and we'll sort it out. It helps if you mention your username and the course/subscription you want to return.

Our money back guarantee allows you to refund anything you have purchased within that time frame. It does not have to be on an order per order basis, we are quite flexible. For example, if you bought a course with the video upgrade and only want to return the videos but keep the MoveTrainer course, that's no problem at all.

This is only applicable if you are not satisfied with the courses, however. It does not act as a price guarantee. We want the 30-day guarantee to represent the quality of the course.

Request a refund for a mobile app payment via Apple

If you made a payment for a PRO subscription through the Chessable mobile app via Apple, you'll need to contact Apple to request a refund. Chessable cannot refund payments made via Apple.